"Angelika Salmen ensures communicative competence, individually adapted approach, appreciation and empathy for a trusting working relationship." Targets are clarified and defined concretely.
I liked the fact that success becomes measurable in this way. I am very grateful to Ms. Salmen for her support and I am happy to recommend her! "

Coachee, female, 37, self-employed

Performance Psychology

BETTER BEST offers you individual concepts and supports you in successfully implementing the desired changes.
Benefit from 30 years of market and consultancy experience!

Better Best - Performance Psychology

Art + Sport Games


Hop Out Of The Box!

Art and aesthetics are valuable tools in coaching and personnel and organizational development.

It is likely that people in a beautiful art enriched environment will think more beautifully and behave more attentively.

Dealing with art, whether it's fine art, literature, acting or dancing,

  • stimulates self-reflection,
  • activates creativity and artistic-creative thinking and acting,
  • lets reservations re-think,
  • extends the horizon,
  • allows a change of perspective with new perspectives,
  • creates an alternative accentuated view of questions,
  • enlarges the spectrum of behavioral and postural alternatives,
  • extends verbal and reflexive abilities to associative and nonverbal,
  • makes cross-references,
  • makes new solutions and ideas possible
  • makes the unspoken visible,
  • and is entertaining.

The production of art in the sense of Beuys according to the motto that every human being is an artist,

  • promotes self-expression,
  • the courage
  • and brings self-awareness.

As an artist with an art historical background, Angelika Salmen offers every measure and intervention offered on the ground of the o. G. Art forms.

For our creativity! We then demand yours.

  • We design tailor-made workshops and coaching sessions that reflect and stimulate your specific questions and relevant topics.
  • We develop a suitable format as unique.
  • We create space for new potential formation with art-analogue methods as workshops and trainings for groups and teams and as coaching for individuals.
  • We design whole personnel and organizational development measures as a Gesamtkunstwerk.


Sport Games

Lustful, interactive, effective.

Be in the sporting challenge and in the game

  • potential,
  • unaware strategies,
  • competitive spirit,
  • resilience,
  • teamwork,
  • role and beliefs

visible and noticeable.

Sport and play are for personal development and promotion

  • creativity,
  • teamwork,
  • tolerance,
  • conflict resolution skills,
  • social skills
  • and democratic principles.

On request, borderline experiences can be created.
Sport Games is always a personalized service for your current topics and occasions. Let's put together a goal-oriented, lively mix! Expressive and experiential learning can also take place through costume events, color dinners, art buffets, museum visits, innovative venues and entirely new artistic ideas developed just for you, as well as sporting events such as karting, boxing, horse whispering, rock climbing, canoeing, diving or running camps.

Experiential and therefore sustainable!


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